ToPeNeBee Work Day

On Saturday June 2, 2018 starting at 8 am, Camp ToPeNeBee will host a workday to complete the finishing touches for Cub Day Camp. We need your help!!

We will meet at the training center and would like units to review the list of projects below and pick one to complete. For some of the projects we have materials. Some of the projects will need the units to use their resources to obtain materials to complete the project. Units need to RSVP to with which project they would like to complete a soon as possible.

Participating units will receive a free campsite for the event. We will provide lunch at the training center on Saturday. Every project is important and meaningful.

Project List

  • *Secure rail road ties together behind Apache and back-fill with wood chips
  • *Repair Foosball court handles
  • *Hang secondary archery range fence
  • *Install Archery range split rail fence
  • *Grind down rifle range concrete
  • *Remove obsitcles from scouters trail
  • *Trail cleanup
  • *Pressure wash latrines
  • *Pressure wash ranger house
  • *Clean up landscaping at ranger house