Wood Lake Scout Reservation FAQs

Wood Lake Scout Reservation

Camp Tamarack

Camp Will Welber

Camp Dan Beard

Camp Jim Bridger

Wood Lake Scout Reservation is comprised of two major camps and 2 primitive camps:  Camp Tamarack, Camp Will Welber, Cam Dan Beard, and Camp Jim Bridger.

All reservations are made through the LaSalle Council Service Center.

Camp Tamarack is approximately 250 acres and is the summer camp facility located on the north side of Big and Little Wood Lake.  Camp Tamarack has 14 campsites, 3 winter lodges, 16 staff cabins, main shower house, health lodge, Director’s lodge, dining hall, cooks cabin, quartermaster/trading post, administration building, conservation pavilion, rifle range, archery range, waterfront, athletic field, and parade field.  The water supply is winterized (no water in campsites) by Oct. 15th and recharged by May 1st.  Winter water is available at 2 frost proof hydrants located outside the Blair and O.A. winter lodges.

Camp Will Welber is approximately 10 acres and is used as a training area.  This camp is located on the south side of Big Wood Lake.  Facilities are comprised of a storage building, central shower and 2 staff cabins.  This area is used by summer camp staff during summer months.  No water is available during

Camps:  Dan Beard and Jim Bridger are located on the south side of Big Wood Lake and are approximately 80 acres each.  These are both “leave no trace” camping areas.  The offer no amenities except for abundant natural beauty.


Winter Lodges:


Rotary Lodge and O.A. Lodge are identical in size and are rented from the weekend after Labor Day to the weekend before Memorial Day.  Each lodge sleeps 24 people with 9 bunk beds with mattresses in the camper’s area and 2 leader rooms that sleep 3 each with bed and mattress.  O.A. and Rotary have kitchen with 4-burner, electric cook top, refrigerator, and sink.  Bathroom has lavatory, toilet, and shower.  Heat is provided by a forced air heat pump with propane back up.

Blair Lodge sleeps 24 people with 12 bunk beds with mattresses.  The lodge has a food serving area with no cooking facilities (cook on your camp stove).  Water is available at the winter hydrant just outside the lodge.  Pit toilet facilities at the latrine in Potawatomi campsite.


Campsites                                                                                                        1 patrol = 8 people

Arapaho = 4 patrols                                                       Iowa = 3 patrols

Blackfoot = 2 patrols                                                     Lakota = 5 patrols

Crow = 3 patrols                                                            Miami = 12 patrols

Erie = 4 patrols                                                              Potawatomi = 4 patrols

Fox = 3 patrols                                                              Tecumseh = 4 patrols

Hidden Meadow = 8 patrols                                          Navajo = 5 patrols

Huron = 4 patrols


Refund Policy for Facility Rentals (Cabins, Campsites, etc.)

Fees for the use of camp facilities (campsites, cabins, etc.) must be paid in full at the time a reservation is placed.  Reservations must be cancelled by a written request or email to the Program Administrative Assistant at the council service center at least 2 weeks in advance of the reserved use date in order to receive a full refund of fees paid.  After that, refunds will be considered only for hardship and emergency cases on an individual basis. 

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