Rice Woods Camp FAQs

Rice Lodge

  • Capacity = 16 youth & 4 adults
  • Wood heat
  • No indoor bathroom facilities
  • Bottle gas hook-up to range (in Adult area)

Camp Sites (Note:  Tent size based on standard 7x9 wall tent)


Bent Tree – 12-20 campers                                                   Woodpecker – 12 campers

Clearing – 40+ campers                                                       Whispering Pines – 40 campers

Hilltop – 12-20 campers                                                       Shylo – 20 campers

Knoll – 12-15 campers                                                         Owl’s Nest – 12 campers

Potawatomi – 20-30 campers                                               Deer Run – 20+ campers

Trails End – 20 campers                                                       Back 40 – 40+ campers

Oaks – 20+ campers                                                             Onango – 30+campers

Note:  If you combine Trails End & Shylo; use the clearing between the campsites – 40+ campers.


Refund Policy for Facility Rentals (Cabins, Campsites, etc.)

Fees for the use of camp facilities (campsites, cabins, etc.) must be paid in full at the time a reservation is placed.  Reservations must be cancelled by a written request or email to the Program Administrative Assistant at the council service center at least 2 weeks in advance of the reserved use date in order to receive a full refund of fees paid.  After that, refunds will be considered only for hardship and emergency cases on an individual basis. 

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