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File Name Description
2018 Scout Goal Tracker A great tool to help Scouts set their popcorn goal. Includes advancement opportunities. Download
2018 Scout Sales Script & Selling Tips Cards Help your Scouts learn to sell their Scouting Adventures. Print and cut-out these handy sales prompts and tips. Download
2018 Scout Sell $750 One Week Flier Some great ways to be able to sell $750 in one week Download
2018 Scout Sell to 30 Customers in One Week Stay on target with your sales effort with this handy sheet. A well planned campaign works smoothly and easily. Download
2018 Trail's End College Scholarship Enrollment Form Make sure to submit all required documentation with the completed form to LaSalle Council. Download
2018 Trail's End Scout Online Account Registration Creation Having trouble creating your own Online account? Follow these easy steps. Download
2018 Trail's End Scout Sale Planning Worksheet A great way for Scouts to create a list of potential customers Download
2018 Trail's End Unit Path to Advancement How can your Scouts leverage thier Popcorn Sales efforts toward advancement? Use this great flier to show them how! Download
2018 Trail's End Unit Popcorn Sale Flier Use this great tool to communicate to your Scouts and their families about your unit's popcorn sale. This form is a fillable pdf so you can easily update it for your unit. Download
NEW Trail's End Selling App Explains the NEW Trail's End selling app that rolls up sales into the popcorn system Download