Popcorn - 2023 Key Dates




August 1

Online Sales begin & continue through November 31

August 1

Take Order sales begin

August 14

Show & Sell Order due. Submit online using your leader dashboard at www.campmasters.org

September 4

Deadline to schedule a warehouse pickup time: www.lasallecouncilbsa.org/popcornwarehouse 


Show & Sell pickup at the District warehouse. Show & Sell sale begins.  

October 23

Show & Sell and Take Order sales end 

Deadline to schedule Show & Sell product return to District warehouse:


October 25-26

Show & Sell product return at District warehouse for credit

October 23

Take Order popcorn order due. Submit online using leader dashboard at www.campmasters.org


Show & Sell payment due to Council Office. Payment may also be submitted at your District warehouse with popcorn return.

Deadline to schedule Take Order pickup at District warehouse: 


Nov 4

Deadline to Submit Prizes–Including any online sales: 

CampMasters Platform www.campmasters.org

LaSalle Loot www.lasallecouncilbsa.org/sellersclub

BINGO www.lasallecouncilbsa.org/popcornbingo

November 15- 16          

Take Order Pickup at  your District Warehouse

December  1

Final Payment Due in full to the Council Office by 5:00 pm