Over $500,000.00 went back to local Scouting last year... and we're already at it again!

Thank you to all of the Units that are actively pushing their sales through Show and Sell spots already. If you're Unit needs more popcorn product throughout this stage of your campaign, you can order additional stock while supplies last. Instructions are on our Warehouse page.  Great Job, and Good Luck!

You can still support our Scouts by purchasing Trails End Popcorn online.  Visit www.trails-end.com/ for more information.

Why Sell?

  • Increase your unit and council income – 70% stays local
  • Pay for your entire Scouting program
  • Scouts learn life lessons by “earning their own way”
  • Learn Communication through selling popcorn
  • Cool new incentives for Scouts who sell
  • Sell online to friends and family out of town

Sell Popcorn Online

  • New products only offered online (coffee, nuts, movie theater butter, etc.)
  • All new web interface at www.trails-end.com!
  • Selling online is the best way to sell to friends and family who live far away.
  • Online sales count toward Scout prize programs.
  • Use emails, Facebook, Twitter and other social media asking them to support Scouting.

Military Donations

  • Allows customers to support the military and Scouting at the same time.
  • Customers choose to donate $50 (gold level) or $30 (silver level) worth of popcorn for our troops.
  • Combine storefront sale donations to make military donation levels.
  • Military donations also count toward Scout rewards.

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Keep checking in with us throughout the sale to see your Scouts in action and photos of our weekly contest winners!

File Name Description
2018 Key Popcorn Contact Information Need help with the sale? Use this sheet to contact your district representatives and volunteers. Download
Top 10 Reasons to Sell Popcorn Download
Position Name Telephone
Council Popcorn Chair Adam Heet (574) 383-8062 Email
District Popcorn Chair - Dunes Moraine Beth Kirk (574) 904-1490 Email
District Popcorn Chair - Pioneer Trails Erin Eberle (574) 286-1456 Email
District Popcorn Chair - Potawatomi Melissa Wiatrowski (219) 608-9926 Email
District Popcorn Chair -Algonquian Kelly J Neubauer (574) 904-9540 Email