Questions on what to do and by when to wrap up your 2018 Popcorn Campagin smoothly?Our suggested guidelines for the October Deadlines might help!

Initial Show and Sell Payment guidelines are also on our Warehouse page

Great Job, and Good Luck!

Position Name Telephone
Council Popcorn Chair Adam Heet (574) 383-8062 Email
District Popcorn Chair - Pioneer Trails Erin Eberle (574) 286-1456 Email
District Popcorn Chair - Potawatomi Melissa Wiatrowski (219) 608-9926 Email
District Popcorn Chair -Algonquian Kelly J Neubauer (574) 904-9540 Email
District Popcorn Chair-Dunes Moraine Sherry Uzelac (219) 929-8496 Email