A candidate must complete their ordeal/induction within 12 months of the date of their unit election. (All Unit elections will be dated May 15th of the current year)  If an ordeal /induction is not completed within that time period, the candidate must be re-elected or in the case of adults, re-nominated, the following year.

Ordeal Candidate Information, see below or the Lodge Calendar for dates, times and sign-up forms for Ordeals.

2019 Spring Ordeal and Fellowship

The Spring Ordeal and Fellowship, conducted at Camp Tamarack, will be the Lodge’s opportunity to help set up the camp for this year’s summer camps.  The cost of the Ordeal and Fellowship is $45.00

This will also be the last opportunity for those Ordeal candidates who were elected in 2018 to complete their Ordeal.  If candidates do not complete their Ordeal (within 12 months) this weekend, they will need to be re-elected or in the case of adults, re-nominated.

We will offer an optional ($3) cookout supper on Friday night.

Download the registration form below or register online.

2019 Summer Camp Ordeals 

Ordeals are held each week of Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Camp Tamarack.  Candidates are allowed to begin the Ordeal immediately following the Call Out ceremony beginning Wednesday evening, with the Ordeal being completed Thursday afternoon and the Ordeal ceremony being held around 5:00 pm.

Candidates wishing to complete the Ordeal at camp must register and pay the appropriate fee before beginning the Ordeal.  If the candidate is completing the Ordeal during their week at camp, the fee is $35.  If completing the Ordeal during another week of camp, the fee is $40.  (You should arrive at camp by 7:30 pm. Fees may be paid at the camp Trading Post before the Call Out ceremony or at the dining hall prior to beginning the Ordeal.

Youth members are encouraged to assist the camp staff OA members in conducting these ceremonies and during the ordeal.  Contact your Chapter Chief or Adviser for further information.

 Call-out Ceremony   Brotherhood Ceremony  Ordeal  Ordeal Ceremony 
June 19 June 19 June 19-20 June 20
June 26 June 26 June 26-27  June 27
July 3 July 3 July 3-4 July 4
July 10 July 10 July 10-11 July 11
July 17 July 17 July 17-18 July 18

Download the form below to register for any camp ordeal.

What to bring:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Ground cloth
  • Class A uniform (need not be worn Wednesday evening)
  • Work clothes, including gloves
  • Work shoes or boots (they may get muddy)
  • Toiletries
  • Towel(s) for a shower before the Ordeal ceremony.

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Ordeals and Fellowships

 Candidates for the Ordeals to be held in the fall (Camp Topenebee) and the following spring (Camp Tamarack) should receive a mailing in mid-August. 

The mailing package includes the documents:  

  • Letter from the Lodge Chief & Helpful Information
  • Registration forms to be published 

The cost of the Ordeal and Fellowship is $45.00

We will offer an optional cookout supper on Friday night.

Download the registration form below.

All above referenced documents can be downloaded from the file list below.    

Ordeal candidates, check out this video for information about the Ordeal:


Parents, check out this video for further information on what your son will be doing:



File Name Description
2018 Summer Camp Ordeal Form Download
Summer Ordeal Info Sheet Information sheet for Ordeal candidates planning to complete their Ordeal during summer camp Download