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 Winter Banquet

 Virtual banquet via Zoom


 (Papakatchie Chapter Hosting)

Dec 19


 Lodge Executive Commitee (LEC)  LaSalle Council Office Jan 2
 Lodge Leader Development  LaSalle Council Office TBD
 Winter Fellowship  Rice Woods Mar 27
 Lodge Executive Commitee (LEC)  Rice Woods Feb 27
 Lodge Executive Commitee (LEC)  LaSalle Council Office Mar 20
 Section C-6A Conclave  Old Ben Scout Resevation Oct 22-24
 Spring Ordeal and Fellowship  Camp Tamarack May 7-9
 NLS/DYLC  London Ohio May 7-9
 Lodge Executive Commitee (LEC)  Camp Tamarack May 8
 NLS/DYLC Kansas City, Kansas May 21-23
 Summer Fellowship  Camp Tamarack Aug 6-8
 Lodge Executive Commitee (LEC)  Camp Tamarack Aug 7
 Sakima Trade-o-Ree  Camp Tamarack Aug 20-22
 Fall Ordeal and Fellowship  Camp Topenebee Sept 10-12
 Lodge Executive Commitee (LEC)  Camp Topenebee Sept 11
 Iron Horse Festival  Potato Creek State Park Oct 16
 NLS/DYLC  Grass Lake, MI Oct 15-17
 Lodge Executive Commitee (LEC)  LaSalle Council Office Dec 4
 Lodge Winter Banquet  TBD (Papakatchie Chapter Hosting) Dec 18?


 Lodge Executive Commitee (LEC)  LaSalle Council Office Jan 
 Section C-6A Conclave  TBA Apr-TBA
 Spring Ordeal & Fellowship  Camp Tamarack May 13-15
 NOAC  TBA July 25-30
 Summer Fellowship  Camp Tamarack Aug-TBA
 Sakima Trade-o-Ree  Camp Tamarack Aug 19-21
 Fall Ordeal & Fellowship  Camp Topenebee Sep 9-11
 Iron Horse Festival   Potato Creek State Park Oct 15*
Lodge Winter Banquet  TBD (Wulihan Chapter Hosting) Dec 17?



                                                                                                              * Tentative Date 

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2020 Conclave Flyer Download
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Lodge Chief Mark Crooks Email
Sakima Lodge Adviser Timothy Monaghan (574) 298-1239 Email