Iron Horse Festival

32nd Annual Iron Horse Festival

October 16, 2021

Potato Creek State Park | North Liberty, IN


Cub Fun Area
Pumpkin Bowling
Obstacle Activities
American Indian Games


Meet the Chief
HAM Radio
Day Hikes
Golden Spike Cafe





Covid-19 Procedures

Covid-19 Forms - Covid-19 Forms must be filled out for all persons attending the event and the individual forms will be required during registration/check-in.  The names on your Registration Form must match the individual names on the Covid-19 Forms.  If you are camping Friday night, forms will be brought to your campsite.  Forms will also be available in the morning prior to registration/check-in.  You can also download a blank form here:    COVID-19 FORM 

Registration/Check-in - Only one (1) leader from your group will be asked to bring your event registration form, Covid-19 forms, and payment to registration/check-in.  Campers will be asked to stay back at the campsite (or away from registration/check-in) while their leader checks in.  Non-campers will be asked to congregate in areas away from registration/check-in while their leader checks in.

CDC Guidelines - The Iron Horse Festival will be strictly following CDC guidelines current to the hike date.  All participants should plan to wear accepted face coverings and follow current rules for social distancing.  A limited inventory of masks will be available for purchase at the event.


The registration fee is $5 per person*.  This includes the Iron Horse Hike, all of the activities (activites are held between 10am-2pm Eastern Time), and the official Iron Horse Festival Patch (patches are "first-come/first-serve" availability - online registrations with payment will receive first priority.)

There are two ways to register for Iron Horse. Online Registration is now available and encouraged for all units/persons!  Units may also still register using the paper registration form and pay at registration Saturday morning.

Online Registration: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE - Online Registration will close Thursday, October 14, 2021, 11:59PM EST)

  1. Click the Online Registration link, fill in the information, submit & pay**.
  2. Print your confirmation email; it will act as your event registration form.
  3. Bring your event registration form (email confirmation) and individual Covid-19 forms to check-in.
  4. Update and pay for any newly added participants
  5. Collect your group's patches and go have fun!

Paper Form Registration:

  1. Download and print the Iron Horse Registration Form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Bring your registration form, individual Covid-19 forms, and payment to registration.
  3. Wait in line.
  4. Submit your registration.
  5. Make payment** & receive receipt.
  6. Collect your group's patches and go have fun!

"Registration" and "Check-in" will be at the same location near the Potato Creek Beach House from 9am-Noon Eastern Time on Saturday morning. 

"Check-in" will be the line for those groups who have registered online. 

"Registration" will be the line for those groups with paper registration forms.

Those arriving after Noon Eastern Time can still register/check-in at the OA Trading post located in the midway.

Campers will have the opportunity to register/check-in on Friday night from 7pm-9pm Eastern Time at the campsites.  See a Sakima Lodge Iron Horse Staff on Friday night for details.

* The registration fee does not include the park entry fee, camping fees, or food. The entry fee to Indiana state parks is $7 per in-state car and $9 per out-of-state car. Please pass this information on to others in your unit attending. Car-pooling will help reduce a Troop or Pack’s expense of getting Scouts, family and friends to the Iron Horse. Parents, if just dropping off your Scout(s), the park has a reduced entry fee of $2.  Be sure to let them know you are just dropping off to receive this fee.

** Park entrance fees and camping fee are paid to the park and cannot be combined with your hike registration fees.




To make a camping reservation at rustic Camp Rice Woods, contact the LaSalle Council Service Center at 574-289-0337.



Option 1 - Family Campground - Circle E

  • Exclusively for Cub Scout and Boy Scout units in tents and not for individual Scout families or camping trailers.
  • 4-8 tents may be set on site
  • Cost: $32.10 per site per night.  The park accepts cash though credit/debit cards are preferred.
  • Make a Reservation: Booking a sites in Circle E can only be done in person, Friday October 16, 2020 at the Potato Creek Family Campground Office. The Campground office opens at 7:00 am Eastern Time. Sites are available on a first-come, first pick basis.

Option 2 - Youth Tent Area

  • Cost: $2.14 per person
  • Make a Reservation: To make advanced camping reservations in these areas, go to the Indiana DNR Camping Reservation Website or call the Indiana DNR at 866-622-6746.  Please do not call LaSalle Council or Potato Creek State Park. Camping Reservations for all state properties are handled exclusively by the Indiana DNR.

Option 3 - Family Campground - Circles A, B, C, D1 and D2

  • Cost: $32.10 per site per night. 
  • Make a Reservation: To make advanced camping reservations in these areas, go to the Indiana DNR Camping Reservation Website or call the Indiana DNR at 866-622-6746.  Please do not call LaSalle Council or Potato Creek State Park. Camping Reservations for all state properties are handled exclusively by the Indiana DNR.

Option 4 - Family Cabins

  • Cost: TBD
  • To make advanced camping reservations in this area, go to the Indiana DNR Camping Reservation Website or call the Indiana DNR at 866-622-6746.

The Iron Horse Hike is hosted by Sakima Lodge Order of the Arrow. The Order of the Arrow is the Scouts BSA national honor society.

The Hike began in 1990 as an opportunity for Scouts to come together for a day and hike a trail. Since then, it has grown from a small outing of a few hundred hikers to the largest single-day Scouting event in the state of Indiana  . The Iron Horse Hike is not just for Scouts but also family and friends. All are invited. Bring a friend! Bring your family!



Hike the Iron Horse
This is what started it all!  Hike either the 1 mile with Trivia, the 2 mile, or 10 mile trails.

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)
JOTA is held at the same time as the Iron Horse Hike. JOTA? That stands for Jamboree on the Air. Ham radio operators and Scouts from across the globe will be talking to each other. We will have several ham radio operators on hand so Scouts at the Iron Horse can talk to Scouts across the world! Wow! Patches for JOTA will be available the official Iron Horse Tradin' Post. If you are a "Ham" bring your HT and find us at K2BSA9 on 146.56.

Bike the Iron Horse
Need a challenge? How about cycling the Iron Horse? Bike with your patrol or den on the Potato Creek Bike Trails. So bring your bikes to the park and CYCLE!!!

Cub Fun Area
The Cub Fun Area begins its 19th year at the Horse. Arts & Crafts, Pumpkin Bowling, Marshmellow Roasting and other activities are planned. Come, See It and have Fun at Orchard Shelter East!

Iron Horse Patches, Iron Horse T-shirts, and other Memorabilia at the Trading Post

The Iron Horse Trading Post will once again be open with special patches and "stuff". The official Iron Horse Patch is always about trains. The full train includes the engine, three cars, and a caboose which are part of a special jacket patch that is available in limited quantities. Sakima Lodge accepts cash or checks for memorabilia. No Credit Cards. No Debit Cards. Memorabilia is only available during the Festival. It is not available before or after the event.

We also have Iron Horse Festival hiking staff medallions @ $6 and Iron Horse Festival t-shirts, youth and adult sizes, $8+ (Images below)

Golden Spike Cafe - FOOD at the Iron Horse
Great Food is available at the Iron Horse for very reasonable prices at the Golden Spike Café at Orchard Shelter West. Why gather and lug all that cooking equipment and food to the park. Relax and enjoy the park. Let us do the cooking for you. Sakima Lodge accepts CASH or CHECKS at the diner. (No Credit Cards. No Debit Cards) Members of Sakima Lodge will be serving the following menu:

Please note that this is a preliminary menu, we are still working on the offerings and the prices!   



 Hot Dog




 Candy and other munchies




 Soft Drinks/Water


 Hamburger Value Meal with Chips and a Drink


 Hot Dog Value Meal With Chips and a Drink













First Aid at the Iron Horse

Aid should be rendered and documented within the Pack or Troop. If additional First Aid is required, you should call Potato Creek State Park on your cell phone at 574-656-8186 –OR–  find a Park Employee. They will have radios to call for help. If you can not reach the park - The Iron Horse committee will also have a First Aid Officer at the Beach House from 8am to noon, and then at the Orchard Shores area noon to 4pm. Be Safe at the Horse!!!

Lost and Found
Any Scout-related items found at the park should be brought to the Trading Post in the parking lot of the Orchard Shelters. Items can be claimed there. Any items left over will be sent to the LaSalle Council Service Center. Call (574) 289-0337.


File Name Description
Iron Horse Unit Registration Form (Excel) Iron Horse registration form in MS Excel - can be used to fill out prior to arrival at the park Download
Iron Horse Unit Registration Form PDF Iron Horse registration form in PDF format - can be used to fill out prior to arrival at the park Download
Potato Creek Electric Map Potato Creek State Park camp site s map Download
Potato Creek Trail Map Potato Creek State Park trail map Download
Potato Creek Youth Campground Map Potato Creek State Park youth campground map Download
Position Name Telephone
Sakima Lodge Adviser Timothy Monaghan (574) 298-1239 Email