Merit Badge Counselors Resources

Introduction to Merit Badges
Boy Scout Merit Badge Counseling Resources
Removal of Merit Badge from Counselor Index

To become a Merit Badge Counselor

  1. Download the "Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling" presentation. Review the presentation and familiarize yourself with the material.

  2. Submit the following to the Council Office Attn: Registrar

    1. Completed Merit Badge Counselor Application OR Complete The MB Counselor Form Below

    2. Complete Adult Membership Application  (even if already registered.) No unit signatures are needed. Only the applicant signature is required as Merit Badge Counselor (use Code 42) is a Council level position.

  3. Proof of current Youth Protection Training

Once submitted, your application will be forwarded to the Council Advancement Committee for approval. You may email the council registrar to check application status at any time.

Required Training for All Merit Badge Counselors
  1. Download the files below.
  2. Study the materials.
  3. Contact your District Advancement Chair to report your training.

Merit Badge Counselor Listings

Scoutmasters can call their District Professional to or the Council Registrar to request a copy of the list to be e-mailed to them. Going forward, Merit Badge Counselor listings will be provided via ScoutBook. In accordance with the Guide to Advancement, Section Web-Based Counselor Lists, the merit badge counselor list will no longer be published to the general public.
"Scouts should not have access.  Their interaction with the Scoutmaster in discussing work on a merit badge, and obtaining a counselor's name, is an important part of the merit badge plan."  


  • There is a maximum of 8 Merit Badges per Counselor

  • The Merit Badge Counselor List changes frequently, every effort will be made to updated the list quarterly.  


Reporting Merit Badge Counseling Concerns - Use this form to send a report to your council advancement committee. You may send the form to the council office Attn: Advancement Committee or you may email it directly to Council Advancement Chair, Gerrod Hampel . at



Position Name Telephone
Council Advancement Chairman Gerrod Hampel (574) 293-2124 Email
Summer Camp Director Matthew V McClure (574) 289-0337 Email