Wood Lake Scout Reservation

10891 Withers St, Jones, MI 49061


Camp Phone: (269) 435-7533


Camp Tamarack is approximately 250 acres and is the summer camp facility located on the north side of Big and Little Wood Lake. Tamarack has 14 campsites, 3 winter lodges, 16 staff cabins, main shower house, health lodge, Directors lodge, dining hall, cooks cabin, quarter master/trading post, administration building, conservation pavilion, rifle range, archery range, waterfront, athletic field and parade field. The water supply is winterized (no water in campsites) by October 15th and recharged by May 1st. Winter water is available at two(2) frost-proof hydrants located outside the Blair and O.A. winter lodges.

Camp Will Welber is approximately 10 acres and is used as a training area. This camp is located on the south side of Big Wood Lake. Facilities are comprised of a storage building, central shower and two(2) staff cabins. This area is used by summer camp staff during summer months. No water is available during winter months.

Camp Dan Beard and Jim Bridger are located on the south side of Big Wood Lake and are approximately 80 acres each. The only amenities that they offer are the abundant natural beauty.

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W.L.S.R. Camp Ranger Steve Whorwell (269) 435-7533 Email