WLSR Mix & Fix 2021


Apr 9, 2021 to Apr 11, 2021



Wood Lake Scout Reservation
10891 Withers St
Jones, MI 49061


Troop and Pack Ideas:

1. Picnic Table repair (tighten bolts and install crews if needed)
2. Leaf removal from around camp buildings (old tarps & a few rakes are available)
3. Broom down washstands & campsite restrooms (brooms available)
4. Pull invasive Garlic Mustard plants or cut Multiflora Rose plants (wear gloves)
5. Remove boats from the Dining Hall & help clean the Dining Hall.
6. Paint new Scoutcraft shed (materials available). Weather dependent.
7. Paint fishing shed at the waterfront (materials available). Weather dependent.
8. Clean Chapel area (some rakes available)
9. Clean-Fire bowl (some rakes available)
10. Clear cobwebs and wash windows in winter cabins.
11. Split firewood (log splitter and safety equipment available)
12. Cut vines climbing trees through the woodlot. (wear appropriate clothes, some vines are poison ivy and some are grapevine. Don’t cut trees).
13. Cut and burn tree debris across from the ranger shop. (bowsaws available)
14. Clean drain going under the road to Delaware campsite (shovels and wheelbarrow available)
15. Install drain tile in the wet location at waterfront beach (sleeved drain tile and gravel will need to be purchased by group and shovel and wheelbarrow available).

All projects need to be discussed with Ranger Steve before the day of the event. Selecting a project from this list or any other pre-approved project will earn your unit a free campsite for the weekend!