MBC Badge Removal

The Council Advancement Committee has reviewed the listing of active merit badge counselors and the badges in which they are approved to counsel scouts. The committee feels that a reasonable number of merit badges that any single individual may be approved for is eight merit badges. There are a few of reasons for this line of thought. 
  1. We want our youth to be exposed to many individuals and the talents, hobbies, vocations that they possess. Limiting to 8 badges causes young people to work with several different counselors. 
  2. We hope that merit badge counselors have in depth knowledge of the subject matter. Limiting to 8, helps the counselor focus on their greatest expertise. 
  3. This policy also allows other adults to participate in the BSA Merit Badge program and share their talents with our youth.
We also realize that there are many merit badges where you may be the only counselor in the council or other circumstances that may warrant an exception to this guideline. We will be happy to discuss those circumstances with you in greater detail if you wish. If you currently counsel Scouts in more than 8 Merit Badges, please take a moment and complete the following form and list the badges that you will no longer counsel for.