Iron Horse Festival Staff

Working at the Iron Horse Festival


Sakima Lodge members, here you will find information about staffing the Iron Horse Festival.

The Iron Horse Festival is the primary annual fundraiser for the Lodge.  We use the proceeds from this event to help fund the Lodges annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) donation, support leadership training and education for Lodge members and provide funds for various Lodge projects at our Council properties.

Staff for the Iron Horse Festival are required to pre-register, however, we do not charge any fee.  Members can camp with the Lodge on Friday night at no charge and receive breakfast and lunch on the day of the Festival.  The link for registration will appear just below when it is active and available.

Click this link to sign up as a staff member

File Name Description
Iron Horse Staff Guide Iron Horse Festival staff guide, gives information for potential staff about the Festival Download
Potato Creek Trail Map Download