Family Friends of Scouting (FOS)






The Objective of the 2021 La Salle Council Family FOS Campaign is to offer every Family of a LaSalle Council Scout the message of Scouting, and to offer all of them the opportunity to consider giving their support through a 2021 pledge.


The 2021 Family FOS Campaign is a unit driven direct-contact campaign during the month of March.  A Volunteer from each unit will be recruited, trained, and equipped to serve as their own unit’s Family FOS Champion. The Unit Champion will be equipped with a list that will be issued in a customized Call Kit. The list will be of the Families of that unit’s current roster of Scouts. The Unit Champions will be asked to complete both of their call lists by March 28.

Each unit will be awarded a unit ribbon and free cloth rank advancement emblems (patches) throughout 2021 for completing three criteria.

  1. Recruit at least one (1) Family FOS Unit Champion.
  2. The Family FOS Unit Champion attends the ZOOM meetings scheduled for the campaign.
  3. Achieve 100% Participation from their list of Families of that unit’s current roster.

100% Participation is defined as receiving an FOS pledge answer, yes or no, from each Family on the current unit roster list (100% = Every Family Asked/Every Family Answered.)


2021 Friends of Scouting | Unit Champion Orientation Video


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2021 Family FOS Pledge Form Download
Family FOS Campaign Overview Download
Family FOS Champion: Position Description Download