2019 World Scout Jamboree

See why attending the World Scout Jamboree is a REALY BIG DEAL!


The 2019 World Jamboree will be co-hosted by the United States, Canada, and Mexico and will be held at the Summit in West Virginia on July 21-August 2 2019. 

The United States has only hosted one other World Jamboree in 1967 in Idaho.  This one is only a few hours from your home.  How can you compare a National Jamboree and a World Jamboree?  The answer is, You Can't. 

A World Jamboree is about meeting people from other countries and learning about them and their cultures.  There are dinner exchanges and an opportunity to go around to visit Troops from other countries and sample their food and activities.  Your Troop will be camped next to Troops from other countries.  Whereas, the activities in most Jamborees are limited, the 2019 World Jamboree will also have all of the activities available at the Summit.  There has never been another Jamboree like this one and probably will not be another like it in the future.  We are allotted 6 units from Area 6 with one being a coed Venturing Troop.  At this time there are only 128 openings left, so sign up today at https://wsj2019.us/

You must be 14 and not yet 18 years old by July 21, 2019.  Be sure you are one of the Scouts who have the opportunity to experience this mountain top experience.  These web sites will fill in the details:




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